Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sea of Cortez Exhibition

March 16 - June 2, 2013
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Art Institute
Tucson, Arizonia

Thirty American artists from throughout the U.S. who participated in a field trip to San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, in 2011 to produce a body of work for a museum exhibition entitled The Sea of Cortez, will have their work displayed at The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Art Institute from March 16 through June 2, 2013.   Participating artists include: Linda Bittner, Carel Pieter Brest van Kempen, DeVere Burt, Andrew Denman, Kim Diment, Kim Duffek, Cathy Ferrell, Susan Fisher (who also serves as Director of The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Art Institute), Susan Fox, Mary Garrish, Ann Geise, Shawn Gould, Mary Helsaple, Heiner Hertling, John Kobald, Molly Moore, Deian Moore, John Pitcher, Don Rambadt, Paul Rhymer, Rebecca Richman, Carolyn Thome, Christine Sarazin, Rachelle Siegrist, Wes Siegrist, Martha Thompson, Sue Westin, Ronnie Williford, Nicholas Wilson, and John Agnew, who had to withdraw from the field trip for medical attention, but will still exhibit in the exhibit.

The Sea of Cortez field trip was organized by David J. Wagner, L.L.C.  Leading the field trip was Richard C. Brusca, Ph.D., who serves as a member of the Science Faculty at the University of Arizona.  Recently retired from the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum where he directed the ASDM Press and served as ASDM Senior Director of Conservation & Science, Dr. Brusca is widely recognized as a leading authority on Sea of Cortez studies. Field Trip ground transportation was made possible by The Susan Kathleen Black Foundation while boat transportation was provided by Glenn and Martha Thompson.  

The Sea of Cortez exhibition will include plein air paintings, botanical illustrations, field sketches, wildlife paintings and sculptures, photographs, and other media including casts of Sonoran wildlife tracks. Serving as Curator for the exhibition is David J. Wagner, Ph.D.

The sea is central to its mission of The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Art Institute, as explained on its Sonoran Desert Studies webpage: "the Sea of Cortez divides the land portion of the Sonoran Desert into two halves, the Baja California Peninsula on the west, and the states of Arizona and Sonora [Mexico] to the east . . . The coast of The Sea of Cortez (also known as the Gulf of California) is characterized by 300 estuaries and other wetlands . . . a unique ecosystem that is home to a rich community of plant and animal life. They are key components of the Gulf's marine food web, generating primary production and releasing nutrients to the sea, and serving as breeding and nursery grounds for numerous fish, invertebrate, and bird species, and even some marine mammals and reptiles."  

The Sea of Cortez exhibition will focus on the flora and fauna that inhabit the environments around San Carlos, Mexico, including the sea's incredible marine life, the region's desert topography, the Estero el Soldado mangroves (one of the most pristine lagoons left in the Gulf), Nacapule Canyon, and scenic overlooks such as Mirador with sweeping vistas, sheer cliffs and the sea below.


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