Friday, May 28, 2010

SAA artists in the Art of the Animal Kingdom XV exhibit

The Society of Animal Artists is honored to have such a long list of its artists included in the upcoming Art of the Animal Kingdom XV exhibition!

Art of the Animal Kingdom XV
Bennington Center for the Arts
Bennington, Vermont
June 12 –August 8, 2010

The Bennington Center for the Arts brings world-class fine art, history and theatre to the residents and visitors of Southwestern Vermont. The center's permanent art collection, sales exhibitions, live theatre and exhibits within the Covered Bridge Museum are available throughout the year.

Considered one of the most prestigious wildlife exhibitions in the country, this year's Art of the Animal Kingdom exhibit includes 80 pieces of art. Morten Solberg is this year's special guest artist and juror of the exhibition. He will also be giving a workshop at the Center the week prior to the opening of the show.

"Mountain Monarch," Acyrlic, 24 x 48 by Morton Solberg

Society of Animal Artists that are included in the show
(please let us know if we have accidentally overlooked listing you):

Sue deLearie Adair
Al Agnew
Douglas Aja
Carel Pieter Brest Van Kempen
George Bumann
Robert Caldwell
James Coe
Anni Crouter
Kim Diment
Melanie Fain
Anne Faust
Cathy Ferrell
Nancy Fortunato
Ellen Gavin
Sue Gombus
Veryl Goodnight
Shawn Gould
Hap Hagood
Heiner Hertling
Nancy Howe
Jack Koonce
Karen Latham
Rebecca Latham
Rod Lawrence
Liz Lesperance
Patsy Lindamood
Jan Martin McGuire
Darin Miller
Terry Miller
Sean Murtha
Ron Orlando
Leo Osborne
Patricia Pepin
Anne Peyton
John Pitcher
Justin Prigmore
Diane Reuter-Twining
Andrea Rich
Robert Salo
Cathy Sheeter
Rachelle Siegrist
Wes Siegrist
Eva Stanley
Tiffany Stevenson
Linda Sutton
Francis Sweet
Sue Westin


Friday, May 21, 2010

Southwest Art Magazine sponsors SAA award!

Southwest Art Magazine
Sponsors an award for the
50th Annual Art and the Animal exhibition

June 2010 cover of Southwest Art

SOUTHWEST ART MAGAZINE has announced that they will be sponsoring an award (possibly more than one) at the Society of Animal Artists 50th Anniversary ART AND THE ANIMAL exhibition in September. This award will be for a free ad in the magazine and will be announced at the awards banquet during the exhibition. This is a brand new award and Southwest Art has also already committed to continuing it for the 2011 exhibition. Diane Mason, president of SAA said that the magazine was so "blown away" by the quality of the work after reviewing a CD of the show that they came up with the idea for this award.

You can visit Southwest Art at, you can find them on Facebook and you can follow them on Twitter as well.


Monday, May 17, 2010

SAA Master Artists


Carel Pieter Brest van Kempen, Charles Almond and Bob Kuhn (seated)
at the 2001 ART AND THE ANIMAL exhibit.

The Society of Animal Artists recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of animal art through the Master Artist status. This Status is granted to artists who have won 5 or more Awards of Excellence at the annual member's juried show - the ART AND THE ANIMAL.

Judging each year is done by a panel of six jurors that are completely independent from SAA. The host venue selects a panel from their area that are artistic professionals such as professional working artists; Museum personnel/directors; wildlife experts; gallery owners; magazine editors etc. SAA then approves the list provided.

The six judges are split into teams of three. One team selects the monetary awards, the other team the Award of Excellence.  For the Award of Excellence the jurors are instructed to select work that exemplifies "the highest standards of artistic achievement".

Master artists can then have one piece of work of their choice included in each exhibition after receiving the designation "Master Artist" without being juried.

Current Master Artists are:


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Photo shoot & Workshop with Jan Martin McGuire


September 24-26, 2010
Sandstone and Hinkly, Minnesota
Open to all levels of artists in all media

Society of Animal Artists member Jan Martin McGuire is offering a photo shoot and workshop in Sandstone & Hinkly Minnesota, September 24-26, 2010. This is a great opportunity for all levels of artists to spend a weekend in the field photographing some amazing animals. Then how to use those photos to combine and create strong compositions for future artwork. Jan will also discuss the all important marketing and selling of your artwork and also share her techniques and offer some constructive critiques as well.

Photographing 10 animals in natural habitat including:
  • Wolves
  • Black bear
  • Red fox
  • Coyote
  • Lynx
  • Cougar
  • White tail deer
  • Bobcat
Fall settings with animals in nice full coats.

  • How to "read" your photos correctly
  • How to use to create strong compositions and ideas.
  • How to combine reference photos
  • Anatomy and habitat

Marketing and selling your work


$1295 for both photo shoot and workshop.  $250 non refundable deposit required.

We hope that you can take advantage of this opportunity and for more information please visit Jan's website at


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Art and the Animal

The 50th Annual exhibition of the Art and the Animal…

Well its official the results of the jury are in, we had 434 submissions (317 2D and 117 3D) from 256 of our members for this year's exhibition, and the quality was phenomenal. It was definitely the toughest jury ever! The caliber of the entries was superb!

This year's Art and the Animal will be at the San Diego Natural History Museum in San Diego, California and will be opening Saturday September 4, 2010 and close on October 31, 2010. The list of the distinguished artists is below. Please visit the Society website to see which of these artists will be in attendance at the opening weekend. (Artists attending, scroll to the bottom).

As this is only the second posting for our new Society of artists blog we hope that you will check back with us frequently or better yet follow the blog to stay updated. If you notice that to the right is a heading labeled "Pages," each of these pages contains a list of SAA artists who are on various social media networks. These lists are small but will increase over time, we encourage you to visit these pages and follow, fan (like), read, and watch what these artists are doing! There is no better way to find out what our artists are doing other than being in the studio with them!

Thank you for visiting!

List of artists in Art of the Animal
Sue deLearie Adair
Al Agnew
John N. Agnew
Karen Allaben-Confer
Douglas Allen
Charles Allmond
Tom J. Altenburg
William Alther
Paul Apps
Patti Lynn Arbino
Julie G. Askew
Gerald G. Balciar
John Banovich
Barbara Lee Banthien
Al Barnes
Robert Bateman
Cheryl Gervais Battistelli
Julie Bell
Renee Bemis
Julie Bender
Linda Besse
Thomas J. Bishop
Allen Blagden
Peta Boyce
Burt Brent
Carel P. Brest van Kempen
George Bruce Bumann
Robert L. Caldwell
Dan Chen
Tim W. Cherry
James Coe
Guy Coheleach
Guy Anthony Combes
Randall Louis Compton
Carrie Cook
Robert Anthony Cook
Anni Marie Crouter
Patricia M. Davis
Andrew Wesley Denman
Kim Diment
Paul Bruce Dixon
Mick Doellinger
Kathleen E. Dunn
Lori Anne Dunn
Leslie H. Evans
Melanie Fain
Anne Faust
James Fiorentino
Lindsey Foggett
Susan Lynn Fox
Sharon S. Fullingim
Daniel B. Glanz
Veryl Goodnight
Shawn K. Gould
Peter Clinton Gray
Simon David Gudgeon
Hap Hagood
Nancy Halliday
Judith Hartke
Nancy Howe
Cary C. Hunkel
Nicolay Georgievich Ivanov
Pat Jackman
Brian Jarvi
Joni Johnson-Godsy
Lars Ossian Jonsson
James R Kiesow
John Kobald
Kim Kori
Brent A. Langley
Karen Latham
Rebecca Latham
Patsy J. Lindamood
Janeice Linden
Rob James MacIntosh
Roger A. Martin
Jeanette Martone
Walter T. Matia
Chris David McClelland
Jan Martin McGuire
Darin Miller
Terry Miller
Sumner David Misenheimer
Sean Murtha
Ken Newman
Marilyn Newmark
Leo E. Osborne
Dan Ostermiller
Dino Paravano
Victoria A. Parsons
Rick Pas
Patricia Pepin
Louise M. Peterson
David Petlowany
Bryce Pettit
Anne Peyton
John Charles Pitcher
Stephen C. Quinn
Donald Carl Rambadt
David Rankin
Gamini Ratnavira
Diana Reuter-Twining
Paul Rhymer
Martiena R. Richter
Julia Rogers
Linda Rossin
Kenneth R. Rowe
Jonathan Paul Sainsbury
Sherry Salari Sander
Laurence Saunois
Sharon K. Schafer
Lindsay Scott
Sandy Scott
John Seerey-Lester
Cathy Sheeter
Rachelle Siegrist
Wes Siegrist
Kelly Lea Singleton
Roger G. Smith
Morten E. Solberg
Heather D Soos
Lyn St.Clair
Gary Thomas Staab
Pati Stajcar
Eva Stanley
Debbie Lynn Stevens
Tiffany Stevenson
Joseph H. Sulkowski
Mark A Susinno
Francis Edward Sweet
Fred W. Thomas
Dana Lee Thompson
France Tremblay
Debra L. Trent
David H. Turner
Kent Ullberg
Diane S. Versteeg
Lani Vlaanderen
Joe Weatherly
Dale A. Weiler
Sue Westin
Kay Witherspoon
Steve Worthington
Scott Yablonski
Aaron C. Yount