Thursday, December 13, 2012

Member Profile - Lindsay Scott

Society Of Animal Artists Member Profile
Lindsay Scott
Signature Member
Painter, New Zealand

Nationally renowned artist Lindsay Scott is acclaimed for her dynamic and precise oil paintings and her exquisitely detailed pencil drawings, all of which convey the drama and spirit of African Wildlife. With a background as an illustrator, a botanical researcher and a biologist, Scott is an avid observer of nature, and her works reflect her close study of animal life, conveying a candid sense of firsthand experience while capturing intimate emotional moments.

Having grown up in Africa at an early age I developed a deep and abiding passion for the natural world. I try in my paintings and drawings to capture what I "feel" about this wonderful place, beyond just how it looks. It has so many moods, not only the action-packed excitement, but the magic peaceful times, with magnificent creatures going about their daily lives in that vast and fascinating arena that is Africa. A constant challenge is to capture some of the essence of this awe inspiring vastness and beauty on a canvas or piece of paper. I very much regard animals as individuals and try to make my representations of them "portraits" rather than just studies of a species.

The National Museum of Wildlife Art has acquired two major paintings of Scott's for their permanent collection. Other major public collection's that include her work are the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, San Bernardino County Museum of Art and Standard Bank of South Africa. Lindsay's work has been exhibited at the Natural History Museum in London, England and been auctioned at Christie's and Sotheby's in London. Her paintings and drawings are in great demand at some of the finest Art Galleries in America and England.

When she is not travelling around the world in search of new subjects, Scott and her husband Brian McPhun live and work in the Matakana Valley, in New Zealand.

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  1. her animal portraits are every media!! i especially love the sable antelope in colored!! beautiful work!