Monday, November 30, 2020

Society of Animal Artists International Exhibition


The Gallery page featuring over 50 SAA artists

Since I've been sharing about the history of the SAA this past year, it's exciting to think we are making history with our 60+-year-old organization with our first online-only exhibition! This inaugural exhibition focuses on many of the SAA's international members (those residing outside of the United States). 

"The Society of Animal Artists, founded in 1960, is the most accomplished collection of artists who find inspiration in the birds and animals that share our planet. This worldwide membership of celebrated painters and sculptors represents the very highest level of excellence in virtually all artistic mediums. SAA’s membership includes 500 artists from around the world. This unique exhibition is the inaugural virtual presentation of artwork by many of our members who live and work outside the United States. Included are paintings and sculptures by 54 artists from 19 countries. Enjoy the exhibition!" ReneĆ© Bemis, SAA President, Society of Animal Artists

A close up showing how the map identifies artists by country

World map showing the participating artists from all over the world

Elwin's specific gallery page (above and below)

The exhibition embeds information from Wikipedia about the specific species featured in each artwork. To enjoy viewing the exhibition click on any of the above images or on this link:

Visit the SAA website via this link for information on submitting to the SAA jury for artist membership, or to become a Patron Member of the SAA

Until next time ~ SAA artist Rachelle