Monday, May 31, 2021

Society of Animal Artists New Members Exhibition


Welcome to the Society of Animal Artists’ New Members Exhibition. Founded in 1960, SAA is devoted to promoting excellence in the artistic portrayal of the creatures sharing our planet, and to the education of the public through art exhibitions, informative seminars, lectures and teaching demonstrations. The SAA’s membership, past and present, represents a veritable who’s who of artists from around the world. Twenty-one of our new members are highlighted in this exhibition. Enjoy! —Renee Bemis, (President, Board of Directors, Society of Animal Artists)

Congratulations to these recently elected members who were juried into this online exhibition. Click here to view the exhibition which will be online through November 17th. Previous online exhibitions are archived there too for your viewing. (

Don Alemany

Valentina Andrees

Kimberly Beck

Rose Collins

Jennifer L. Cook


Mikel D. Donahue

Gary J. Eigenberger

Isla Ferrer

John Guiseppi

Kathryn A. Hansen

Rachel Stavrowsky Hurst

Rebecca Korth

David S. LaMure, Jr.

Linda Lunnon

Kathleen M. Maling

Kelly Grace McNeil

Maryann Mullet

Maegan Oberhardt

Gamini Ratnivira

Claudia Roulier

Michael L Todoroff

Monday, February 1, 2021

Announcing New SAA Members for January 2021

The Society of Animal Artists is delighted to announce our newly elected members from the January 2021 jury! The SAA's next jury for new members, will be June 15th, 2021. Please click the artists' names to visit their websites to see more of their work. Artists are listed below in alphabetical order.

Valentina Andrees, Germany ~ Associate Member

Yun Gee Bradley, OR  ~ Associate Member

Rose Collins, AZ  ~ Associate Member

Isla Ferrer, New Zealand  ~ Associate Member

Marco Grasso, Italy  ~ Associate Member


Kathryn A. Hansen, CA ~ Signature Member


Linda Lunnon, Australia  ~ Associate Member

Maryann Mullett, NH  ~ Associate Member

Maegan Oberhardt, Australia  ~ Associate Member

DOL, Belgium  ~ Associate Member

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Joining The Society of Animal Artists

The SAA 58th at the James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art

The Society of Animal Artists (SAA), founded in 1960, is devoted to promoting excellence in the artistic portrayal of the creatures sharing our planet, and to the education of the public through art exhibitions, informative seminars, lectures, and teaching demonstrations. The SAA's membership, past and present, represent a veritable who's who of artists from around the world. Membership is open to artists by jury, and the Society has several levels of Patron Memberships.

So Why Join the Society?

1. The camaraderie with fellow artists and like-minded individuals. SAA artists currently number over 525 and represent 23 different countries. Members have regular opportunities to interact with each other online, as well as in-person throughout the year. 

2. Exhibition opportunities in prestigious venues are available to members annually. The Society hosts their flagship Annual Exhibition with opening weekend activities and awards each Fall. The SAA also currently holds several special exhibitions annually. New members are accepted at either Associate or Signature level and are able to be promoted to Distinguished Signature Member, and even the coveted Master Signature Member through participation in SAA Exhibitions. 

The 59th SAA Annual Exhibition at the Briscoe Western Art Museum

3. Informative seminars, demonstrations, presentations are available during the SAA opening weekends. Monthly business panel sessions, artists' studio tours, and advice from experienced artists in the field are offered online to members. 

SAA artist Robert Bateman demonstrating in 2015

SAA artist Paul Ryhmer demonstrating bronze pouring techniques

SAA artist Sharon Fulingim demonstrating stone carving techniques

4. Field trips are planned during opening weekend celebrations, to visit zoos, national parks, and wildlife attractions in the local area. 

On a whale-watching expedition during the 50th Exhibition in San Diego, CA

Playing with lemurs during an opening weekend

5. Recognition and awards ~ Spaces in SAA Exhibitions are limited and chosen by the jury to ensure the highest quality artwork is featured. Awards in the Annual Exhibition are selected by a panel of three museum professionals. Thousands of dollars in award money, purchase awards, magazine editor's choice awards, and the coveted Awards of Excellence are bestowed at each Annual Exhibition. The Awards of Excellence are the sole path to Master Signature Membership within the Society. Participating artists are also featured in the catalog.

6. Building the future ~ SAA members, particularly the leadership, strive to build a foundation of opportunities and knowledge for the next generation of artists. 

Until next time ~ SAA Artist Rachelle Siegrist