Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SAA artist Greg McHuron passes

Society of Animal Artists
Signature artist 
Greg McHuron 
 Passes away at age of 66

Greg McHuron at his easel

American painter Greg McHuron passed away Tuesday July 24, 2012 at his home in Jackson Hole , Wyoming.

“Painting oils and watercolor/gouache en plein-aire for the past 35 years, I am inspired by and able to distill my passion for nature in a direct and personal manner by painting my emotional response to the WOW that I see as I watch scenes unfold.  People have said that they are immediately struck by my strong sense of design--then, the interesting color combinations, juxtapositions, and light and dark patterns.  The common thread in all my work is that I was THERE - that I have experienced what I turn my brush to.  I paint the west from Alaska (above the Arctic Circle) to the southwest doing whatever it takes to get the painting - standing in rivers, on the edge of cliffs, in a bobbing raft down the Grand Canyon or on a ship along the coast up to Alaska, riding horseback into wilderness areas, or accidentaly finding myself in the middle of a buffalo stampede.”
-Greg McHuron
From Greg’s website, please visit www.mchuronstudio.com to read more about Greg and his work.
"Mussel Lion Haul Out"
Oil, 48" x 54" 
“The artist had courageously battled two bouts of illness and in between created some of his most inspiring work. He was 66. Our thoughts are with his wife, Linda, and family. A look at Greg's career will appear here in the days to come."

Watercolor/gouache, 9" x 12"
“Much of McHuron’s work was shown and sold through Trailside Galleries in Jackson. Managing partner of the gallery, Maryvonne Leshe, spoke with JH Weekly only minutes after learning of McHuron’s passing.” 
“I remember the first time I ever met Greg,” Leshe recalled. “I was out driving around, looking at the scenery and saw in the distance a man in a hat in front of an easel painting the Cathedral Group. I stopped and got out and stood behind him for quite a while. He knew someone was there but he never turned around. He continued to work, ignoring me. Finally, I stepped up beside him and told him it was a beautiful painting. ‘Thanks,’ he muttered gruffly without ever looking up.”
-By Jake Nichols, JH Weekly
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"Early Walkabout"
Oil, 24 x 36 
To learn more about Greg and his work please visit www.mchuronstudio.com


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  1. Nice article - we met Greg in Dubois over 15 years ago and happen to be in Dubois and Jackson this week enjoying the country he loved to paint. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.