Friday, April 6, 2012

3 SAA members in new book!

A new book...

"Sketchbook Confidential 2:
Enter the secret worlds of 41 master artists"

North Light Books
edited by Pamela Wissman & Stefanie Laufersweiler

The Society of Animal Artists is honored to have three of it's members represented in this book,

The publication date is sometime in May buy the book is available for pre-order on and on the North Light Books website.

Book Description:

More secrets from the private sketches of 38 master artists

The idea may be derived from anything really--a flash of sunlight, the tilt of a head, a glass on the table...but the sketch is where it all begins, the point where inspiration meets artist. Gloriously free of the need to get it "right," the sketch is where possibilities are explored, compositions are found, and visions come to life.

A brilliant follow-up to the first Sketchbook Confidential, this book grants you access to 38 of art's most creative minds via their sketchbooks. Whether created in studios, subways or the middle of a farmyard, these sketches represent art in its raw form. Up until now, this work has been tucked inside drawers or on studio bookshelves. Now the artists lay it out for all to see, along with intimate musings on the art of sketching and how it helps them commune with a subject, find their path to a finished piece or discover even greater rewards in the journey itself.


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