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Masterworks from the International Guild of Realism Features Animal Art

Masterworks from the International Guild of Realism Features Animal Art

Linda Besse,  The Art Student, 14.5X20-Oil

 MASTERWORKS FROM THE INTERNATIONAL GUILD OF REALISM is a new initiative intended to recognize achievement in realism and result in a traveling museum exhibition.  The exhibition consists of 70 artworks by 65 artists selected by a jury-of-peers shaped by input from the project's tour director. defines Contemporary Realism as a movement which emerged in America, in the late 1960's and early 1970's concerned with "the straightforward realistic approach to representation which continues to be widely practiced in this post-abstract era . . . (and) is different from Photorealism, which is somewhat exaggerated and ironic and conceptual in its nature."  The International Guild of Realism represents some 350 artists from some 35 countries around the world who form a disparate group, and, though literate in conventions of Modern Art, choose to work in traditional forms.   

Camille Engel,  U.S., A Song Worth Volumes 2010 11x14

The mission of the International Guild of Realism is to advance realism in fine art and to promote the careers of the representational artists it represents. Among the goals of The Guild are to recognize the best realists working today, and to share their work with the public.  Toward that end, The International Guild of Realism reached out to David J. Wagner, L.L.C., to produce a traveling exhibition of museum-quality works representative of the best work of its members today who work in a range of media including oil, acrylic, egg tempera, graphite and colored pencil. 

Paula Henchell, Canada,  Mountain Bluebird 2014 18x18

Jurors responsible for selecting works for MASTERWORKS FROM THE INTERNATIONAL GUILD OF REALISM included: Donald Clapper, painter and Founding Charter Member, International Guild of Realism; Vala Ola, painter and sculptor from Iceland (now U.S), and Charter Member, International Guild of Realism and  Art Renewal Center Living Master; and William Rowett, Scottsdale Realism Collector.  David J. Wagner, Ph.D., served as Curatorial Advisor to the jury.  MASTERWORKS FROM THE INTERNATIONAL GUILD OF REALISM is comprised of 70 paintings by 65 artists whose work embodies high standards of excellence and ranges from ultra-contemporary to timeless traditional realism.  

Joan Johnson, After We Play, 16 x 20, oil on panel



Alban Lee U.S. The Toy Box 2011 15x 12
Alberto Jorge U.S. "C" is for cat 2013 12x12
Alberto Jorge U.S. Allegory of the Arts 2012 17.5x29
Andresen Nancy U.S. Barnum 2014 12x16
Anthony Janice U.S. Threshold 2015 35x34
Barthelemy Christian U.K. French Alps, Mont Blanc Massif Autumn 1999 26x32
Beasley Glenn U.S. First Light 2014 16x20
Besse Linda U.S. The Art Student 2013 15x29.5
Blackburn R. Geoffrey U.S. Twilight on the Colorado 2012 14x24
Bowen Ginger U.S. Hawk 2012 30x19
Bowers David Michael U.S. The Observer 2010 29x18
Bowers David Michael U.S. Made in America 2011 24x44
Brooks Hebe U.S. Patriotic Melody 2013 30x20
Cantrell Sheila U.S. Red Pears at Play 2010 16x20
Carroll Pamela U.S. Jean-Baptiste Greuze Post Card 2008 12x9
Cassity Daniel Mark U.S. Keys to the Kingdom 2012 16x20
Chandler Marsha U.S. Pear Mosaic 2012 22x30
Clapper Donald U.S. Ernest, Which Stamp is Real? 2003 12x16
Clements (Barber) Barbara U.S. Serene Afternoon on Cape Ann 2012 30x40x1.2
Copley Ed U.S. One Stitch at a Time 2015 28x38
Copley Ed U.S. Breath Taking 2014 26x20
Diefenbach Lyn Australia Reflections on a Journey 2014 24x36
Dolan John Philbin U.S. Nolan 2013 17x13
Dunphy Evelyn U.S. Exuberance 2013 22x24
Engel Camille U.S. A Song Worth Volumes 2010 11x14
Gonzalez George A. U.S. Brain Games 2014 16x20
Gorman Allan U.S. Ruby & Sapphire 2014 36x24
Grimes Deanna U.S. Duck Social 2012 15x20
Henchell Paula Canada Mountain Bluebird 2014 18x18
Henderson K. U.S. PB&J #2 2014 24x36
Hinojosa Albino U.S. Relics 2015 21.5x21.25
Johnson Joan Essex U.S. After We Play 2012 16x20
Jones Jane U.S. Crimson Evening 2012 21x21
Jones Steven U.S. Books & Strings I 2008 36x48
Kim Grace U.S. Dragon Fruit 2013 10x18
Kloosterboer Lorena Belgium Tempus ad Requiem III 2014 12x15 3/4
Kornachuk Anne-Marie Canada Leaving Eden: Vertigo 2010 48x48
Lalik Sharon Guyton U.S. Ketchup and Pepper 2010 20x20
Lende Jette van der Norway Freedom of Speech 2008 27.6x41.3
Lindamood Patsy U.S. Just Giraffe 2014 18x24
McWethy Tatiana U.S. Caravaggio 2011 30x32
Miller Terry U.S. February Sun 2011 11.25x10.5
Nelson Priscilla U.S. Chasing Shadows 2014 48x36
Nixon Daphne Wynne U.S. Hard-Boiled Lemon & Egg Squeezer 16x20
Nyayapathi Sivananda U.S. Damon Carter 2013 24x20
Ola Vala U.S. Moonstruck 2012 20x16
Pech Arleta U.S. Collected Toys 2014 21x29
Penning Cees U.S. Cupcakes 2015 24x36
Peyton Anne U.S. Prey Watch 2014 18x10
Poole Colin U.S. Daydream 16.75x12.5
Prezioso Michael Robert U.S. Homage to Ingre 2014 11.25x18.25
Pruys Cher U.S. The Bubble 2014 7x12
Royston Scott U.S. Propitiation 2013 20x12
Rusin Len U.S. Misty Morning Climber 2012 20x24
Saunois Laurence France Ordinary Wildlife 2014 11.80x17.72
Scaglia Ken U.S. Saratoga 300 2011 36x24
Schwartz Gerald U.S. Dusk 2013 36x30
Sistrunk Beth U.S. Athena in Spring 2014 20x20
Skudal Atle Norway Sewing Machine 2008 21x26
Srebnik Craig U.S. Her Morning Bath 2015 24x18
Starostka Ardith U.S. Persephone 2012 30x20
Starostka Ardith U.S. Pearl Necklace 2011 18x24
Stommes Jan U.S. Trompe l'Oeil Series: Art of Raptors 2014 24x36
Swift Peter U.S. Sewing a Strawberry 1982 16x20
Thompson S. Mark U.S. Morning Glory 2012 20x46
Thompson S. Mark U.S. Delft Vase with Rembrandt Tulips 2010 19 3/4x23 1/2
Tiessen Josh Canada Pond's Edge 2013 14x30x2
Tietjen Laurie U.S. Cleo Sleeping on Bed 2012 23x16
Weiss Elizabeth U.S. Reawakening 2015 15x16
Wright William U.S. Altar of Sacrifice, Zion NP 2013 18x24
Yee Karen U.S. Nikki 2014 24x18
Yenkevich William Michael U.S. Still Life - Essence of Beauty 2013 16x12
Nancy Andresen, Barnum 12x16, Oil on Canvas

Produced by David J. Wagner, L.L.C.

May 19, 2015 - July 26, 2015
The R.W. Norton Art Gallery
Shreveport, LA

September 1 - October 31, 2015
Appleton Museum of Art
Ocala, FL

February 6 - June 11, 2016
Albany Museum of Art
Albany, GA

For further information contact:

David J. Wagner, L.L.C.
(414) 221-6878;
or visit:

Member: American Alliance of Museums
                   International Council of Museums

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