Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lindsay Wildlife Museum will present “Wild Life” as we see it

Lindsay Wildlife Museum
Will present

 Wild Life
as we see it

30 Watercolor & Oil Paintings of Life in the Natural World we live in  &  with 

Linda Darsow Sutton 

April 18th – May 31st 2015

Reception April 26th 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Walnut Creek, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)

Those Lion Eyes  24" x 40"  transparent watercolor

 The human eye is not designed to see everything at once, but to savor specific jewels of information.  The surrounding content taunts us to seek more, sometimes sacrificing the details to be engulfed in an entire atmosphere of a place, grand or small. All life matters, even when it’s not convenient, its purpose for the whole Earth must be respected. Presented at “The Lindsay” will be a smattering of our planet great and small including of a variety of Life. In the transparent watercolors of animals just enough accurate information is included to invite viewers to engage their imagination beyond the two dimensional surface. Maybe even be inspired to explore unique different qualities of species, different menus, hunting styles, the spring costumes change for many and some grow out of their baby clothes. 
Summer's Hunting Sky  40" x 22"
There are no animals hidden in the little landscapes painted in oil but they are full of life nonetheless. Water is life, wild or tamed, it all strives to go to the ocean and can take many forms to get there. Nurturing all along the way, wildlife adjusting and evolving around it’s behavior. Painting nature’s beauty is an expression of wonder and gratitude, rewarded by understanding, and sometimes shared secrets. Painting outside you are not alone just because you don’t always see who’s out there. Be intrigued to play outside, be quiet in it for a minuet (yes, turn off the cell phone), and see things, listen if that’s what suits you, or, even get involved in preserving something. This show is not about people but for them; take the children out of town often. Go see, experience, and remember beverage containers are lots easier to carry out of camp empty than in, so please keep your human influence to yourself. 

The Lindsay Wildlife Museum has been “Connecting people with wildlife to inspire responsibility and respect for the world we share” in the San Francisco Bay Area for 50 years. Their wildlife hospital is the oldest and one of the largest rehabilitation centers in the United States where they rescue the rescue-able and release the releasable. The un-releasable, if they are amiable, become our favorite wildlife ambassadors (and models), I am always proud to join them in their cause.

Mendo Grove Individual 12" x 9" oil on panel  (as seen at The Laumeister Fine Art Competition)

Working primarily in transparent watercolor Linda Sutton cavorts her medium with subjects of the natural world, exhibiting paintings with conservation groups in prestigious museums and winning top honors in plein air competitions (listed on the website). With intent to inspire awareness, respect and appreciation for the planet we live on.

For information:
(925) 935-1978
about Linda:

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