Tuesday, September 27, 2011

51st Annual Art and the Animal Award Winners!

Congratulations to all the Award Winners!


James Coe - "Reflections of April"

Sean Murtha - "Sun and Spray"

Cristina Penescu - "Within Reach"

Lori Dunn - "Canine Ancestry"

Brian Jarvi - "Buffalo Spa"

Terry Miller - "Up for the Challenge"

Fred Thomas - "Plenty for All"

Patricia Pepin - " La Vie En Vert"

Kay Witherspoon - "Moose Creek Crossing"

Rick Pas - "Ring Neck III" - Patricia A Bott Award for Creative Excellence
Ken Rowe - "Express Male" - The Evelyn and Peter Haller Memorial award for Sculpture
Carel Brest Van Kempen - "An Atlantic Brackish Swamp" - The Presiden't Award
T. J. Lick - "Inside the Throne Room" - Leonard J. Meiselman Memorial Award for Realistic Painting
Louise Peterson - "Tickled" - The Leonard J. Meiselman Award for Realistic Sculpture
Paul Rhymer - "One Man's Trash" - The Ethology Award for Best Depiction of Natural Behavior
Lisa Egeli - "The Life Exotic" - The Newcomer Award for First Time Participant in exhibition
Sue Westin - "Cashmere Glow" - Southwest Art Magazine Editor's Choice
Jason Tako - "Courtship" - Western Art Collector's Magazine Editior's choice
Robert Bateman - "Wildebeest and Egret's" - Hiram Blauvelt Art Musuem Purchase Award

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