Friday, October 20, 2023

SAA 63rd Annual Exhibition at The Stifel Fine Arts Center


WOW!... That was the first word from the mouths of attending SAA Artists upon entering the Society of Animal Artists 63rd Annual Exhibition at the Stifel Fine Arts Center. Nestled in the picturesque town of Wheeling, West Virginia, it was truly a stunning venue for this year's Annual Exhibition. From the way the art was hung and arranged to the perfect lighting projected on everything, I must congratulate the friendly staff at the Stifel, for a job well done. And a big congratulations to all participating SAA members whose work was included to produce this year's outstanding show! 

Attending SAA Members

The charming, architectural elements in this stately, historic mansion, lended a feeling of elegance to the atmosphere. As we walked about viewing the exhibit, the building itself was a large piece of art. Here are several photos for you to enjoy as you take a "virtual tour" of the exhibition. 

*Many thanks to Frank Soos for taking several of these photos 

The air was lively and filled with excitement during the opening reception, which was well attended by guests and patrons, and we were delighted to see numerous red dots scattered about, denoting purchases which had been made. The food was most enjoyable as well, with several large, wooden charcuterie boards laden with delectable treats artfully arranged, and tempting all to partake and enjoy!

Those attending were given a warm welcome by the president of Oglebay Institute, Danielle McCracken, followed by a few words from the SAA Executive Director, Wes Siegrist.

A BIG congratulations our Award Winners at the 63rd Annual Exhibition!

Next week I'll be sharing photos and stories of our artists' dinner, games, adventures in Oglebay Park, and of all of the fun everyone had during the weekend in Wheeling. 
You can see the entire exhibition online HERE

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