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Beyond Their Wildest Dreams! SAA Members Reflect On Their Historic Ongoing Tour of Paintings

Beyond Their Wildest Dreams!  SAA Members Reflect On Their Historic Ongoing Tour of Paintings

Exquisite Miniatures by Wes & Rachelle Siegrist

Artists dream of their work being seen outside of family and aspire to participate in public shows.  Juried exhibitions and galleries are considered a step up that ladder to success.  Inclusion into anything inside museums carries an added aura of success that might culminate into the dream of one day walking into a museum and seeing one’s own work filling an exhibition hall. Few artists achieve this while they’re living and even less do it while they are young in both years and career.  It happened to us! We knew we had made history.  To our knowledge, only a few living miniature painters had ever been featured in a solo museum exhibition and none to the scale achieved for us by our tour director.  That momentous start, back in 2010, exploded into the most successful touring exhibition of miniature paintings by living artists in history and it’s still going and growing!

The Siegrists with Dr. David J. Wagner, EXQUISITE MINIATURES Tour Director

In the summer of 2008, we were asked by Dr. David J. Wagner to consider allowing him to exhibit our miniature paintings in museums.  Knowing Dave’s reputation and success with other artists we enthusiastically said yes!  We knew from the start, that it would likely be years before something was scheduled, if at all, so we set ourselves in for the long haul. We were surprised when Dave called mere weeks later.  One of the nation’s top museums with collections of historic miniature paintings had requested our show!  We were scheduled to premiere at the R. W. Norton Art Gallery in Shreveport, LA in July of 2010.  It had been 25 years since the Norton staged their last exhibition pertaining to miniature painting, Portrait Miniatures in Early American History, 1750-1840, and they felt it was time to do another one featuring modern American miniaturists who had been featured in a variety of group exhibitions at the Norton over the years . . . the Siegrists! 

While we were still floating on cloud nine, Dave called with more news.  The West Baton Rouge Museum was also interested in our work.  Would we be able to stage a second concurrent exhibition of 50 more paintings?  Borrowing back nearly 50 paintings from collectors to augment our available work to comprise the varied content of the exhibitions was a herculean task.  It paled only slightly in comparison to the mountain of logistics associated with 100 paintings on exhibit!  Floating in the stratosphere now with two solo museum exhibitions on the horizon, Dave pushed us into space with the news that the works in Baton Rouge, LA would be going on tour!

 Staging a museum exhibition involves a lot of paperwork!


Presentations, lectures and workshops at venues on the tour

To date, EXQUISITE MINIATURES BY WES & RACHELLE SIEGRIST includes over 200 paintings, will be displayed 5,588 days in 21 exhibitions at 19 venues and has traveled thousands of miles across the country and back to 15 States!  And more venues are pending!

 Click here to view the EXQUISITE MINIATURES Exhibition overview
(Links to more photos, installation images and paintings are at the bottom of the page)


May 4 - July 25, 2010
R.W. Norton Art Gallery
Shreveport, LA


May 16 - July 31, 2010
West Baton Rouge Museum
Port Allen, LA


September 4 - November 28, 2010
Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure
Salina, KS

December 11, 2010 - March 13, 2011
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Tucson, AZ

April 16 - May 15, 2011
Dunnegan Gallery of Art
Bolivar, MO

June 10 - August 28, 2011
Museum of the Southwest
Midland, TX

September 17 - October 16, 2011
Yadkin Cultural Arts Center
Yadkinville, NC

November 5 - December 31, 2011
Dennos Museum Center
Northwestern Michigan College, Traverse City, MI

January 21 - March 21, 2012
San Diego Natural History Museum
Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

May 15 - October 13, 2012
Nevada State Museum
Carson City, NV

November 15 - December 21, 2012
Yadkin Cultural Arts Center
Yadkinville, NC

January 10 - March 10, 2013
The ArtCenter Manatee
Bradenton, FL

April 7 - June 2, 2013
Museum of the Gulf Coast
Port Arthur, TX

August 10, 2013 - January 5, 2014
Kenosha Public Museum
Kenosha, WI

February 1, 2014 - April 6, 2014
The Wildlife Experience
Parker, CO

July 12, 2014 - November 7, 2014
Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History
Jamestown, NY

December 1, 2014 - April 15, 2015
Steamboat Art Museum
Steamboat Springs, CO

September 4 - October 30, 2015
Yadkin Cultural Arts Center
Yadkinville, NC

November 4 – December 4, 2016
Dane G. Hansen Memorial Museum
Logan, KS

June 4 - September 3, 2017
Stauth Memorial Museum
Montezuma, KS

September 21 - December 21, 2017
Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center
Chadron, NE

EXQUISITE MINIATURES is available for display at art, cultural, and scientific institutions.  For tour and scheduling information, contact:

David J. Wagner, Ph.D.
Curator/Tour Director
David J. Wagner, L.L.C.
Phone: (414) 221-6878

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