Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our highest award!

Award of Excellence
The Society of Animal Artists highest award!

The highest honor presented by the Society of Animal Artists, it is awarded to those pieces judged to represent the highest standards of artistic excellence.

The jurors for the Awards of Excellence are chosen by the venue which is hosting the the exhibition. Their proposed list is submitted to the SAA board for approval.

Therefore, while the selection of the work that will be in the show is done "in house" by SAA members who are asked to serve by the Jury Committee, the awards are given by a different set of non-member jurors every year and include museum directors and curators, gallery owners and other qualified individuals.

The judges are asked to select a minimum of six (6) recipients for this award - and no more than ten (10).
Work is to be selected on the following criteria: A. Creativity B. Design and Composition C. Demonstrated Mastery of Medium. Subject matter should NOT be a factor in determining the excellence of the ART.

The Awards are given as medallions with the artist's name and date engraved on the back.

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  1. LOL...I had to go look! I never noticed that my name was on the back! Cool!