Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Morten Solberg Painting Workshop

Going on now!!!


Morton Solberg Painting Workshop
Bennington Center for the Arts
Bennington, Vermont
June 7 – 11 or June 9 -11

Morten Solberg , SAA Mater Signature Member is the Special Guest Artist for this year's Art of the Animal Kingdom, he will conduct a three-day or five-day workshop before the opening events of the show. The workshop focuses on allowing the students to open their minds to new or unfamiliar ways of creating art. Mr. Solberg encourages students to start a painting with nothing in mind and proceed with composition and color to arrive at a pleasing environment. Only then is a subject picked that fits that environment. Students are also encouraged to bring in a troubled painting that the instructor can review and demonstrate how he would tackle the problems of composition and color to make it a more pleasing painting. This process is especially helpful as if the piece is photographed throughout the process and later used as reference for the students following the workshop.

This workshop is in conjunction with the opening of the Art of the Animal Kingdom XV exhibition which opens June 12th. The Society of Animal Artists is honored to have an overwhelming representation of its members in this year's exhibition. To see the list of SAA members please refer to the May 28th posting here on the blog titled, SAA Artists in the Art of the Animal Kingdom XV exhibit.



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